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Road Warrior Mobile Communication (RWMC) Program

All corporations in international trade have personnel (“Road Warriors”) that travel abroad on business that may be for business development, field engineering, training, trouble-shooting etc. 

They all need to have the facility for making and receiving voice calls, text messages – SMS and email –  and for access to the Internet to browse the world wide web for information. The cost of such mobile roaming communication is a significant expense of the total cost doing business. A large corporation with 200 employees traveling on business at any one time runs up monthly telecommunications expense that amounts to US$400,000.

Ecocarrier can reduce that US$400,000 expense by some 65% on average or US$260,000 monthly with the use of the cost cutting facilities of the RWMC Program by the corporation.

Ecocarrier can design the appropriate RWMC Program to suit the needs of a particular corporation but by and large all the requirement of corporations in this regard can be met with the 4 Great Value Propositions that are described in the service literature on RWMC Program attached herewith.

Please write to us at  about your requirement and one of our service consultants will respond with possible solutions that cut the costs by 55%-85%.

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