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SuperMVNE is a division of QiiQ Ecocarrier Inc, a private limited corporation incorporated in RAK Free Zone of United Arab Emirates.

As its name suggests, SuperMVNE is an enabler and provisioner of  managed services to  SuperMVNO who is a non-facility-based reseller of the SuperMVNO services and solutions.

QiiQ Ecocarrier FZE has the support QiiQ Communications Inc., Ecocarrier Inc. and Airvenue Inc.  in its business operation in technologies and solutions, in call termination and carrier relationships and in integration  of other best-of-breed solutions and technologies and best-of-class services for building out wireless IP infrastructure and Fixed Mobile Convergence (“FMC”) service platform and network respectively.

The primary value proposition of SuperMVNE is the provision of high quality, reliable managed services through the SuperMVNOs in worldwide markets to the end user for making and receiving long distance telephone calls from/at a mobile handset in any country at rates that represent  great savings.

SuperMVNE offers various kinds of business models including ones that involves mobile station based commercials that provide long distance telephone call services to both fixed line and mobile users Free of Charge but requiring the user to be an audience to some pre-programmed 10-second commercials where the telephone call services are funded by the advertisers.

The SuperMVNO services are capable of delivering location-aware and time-based commercials to the service subscriber.

SuperMVNE has many years of proven successful track record in telephone service provisioning and has built an extensive network of resellers of its SuperMVNO services in many countries worldwide.

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