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SuperMVNE’s operation has the support of three major partners who are credible player in their respective and who possess a rich resource of engineering, intellectual properties, technology, technical expertise, industry knowledge and relationships and established carrier relationships to enable it ( SuperMVNE) to offer high quality managed services to the end customers and the SuperMVNO at prices that represent the best value. These are
    • QiiQ Communicatiosn Inc.
    • Ecocarrier Inc.
    • Airvenue Inc.

QiiQ Communications Inc.

    • designs and develops products, solutions and technologies for IP Telephony
    • rich in intellectual properties
      • carrier-class Softswitch, Billing Software, specialty application, software for CallShop and Prepaid Calling Cards, PC-to-Phone, CallBackCall operation etc.
      • VoIP solutions a deployed by mid-sized telephone companies to build service platform to offer Prepaid Calling Cards, Postpaid Billing services, CallShops, CallBackCall services in many countries
      • Selling through resellers, strategic alliance and joint venture relationships

Ecocarrier Inc.

    • A facilities-based telephone service provisioner specializing in offering value-added services to enterprises, institutions, residential users, and walk-in CallShop customers
    • A MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) offering SuperMVNO services for low cost mobile international calls and GSM roaming for all countries
    • Offers to resellers managed services for Prepaid Calling Cards, CallShops, CallBackCall Service, PC-to-Phone, IP Centrex, IP Dialtone service and CallCenterCall services for making low-cost international telephone calls
    • Currently handles some 10 million minutes call traffic monthly and servicing some 500,000 customers

Airvenue Inc.

    • Builds city-wide wireless IP infrastructure in urban areas and rural areas for running applications that provide managed services for Data, Voice and Video operations – mainly in developing countries
    • These include
      • Pay-per-use service for access to the Internet and Pay-per-use service for international telephone call service as Hotspoteer Global Network of Hotspots and Hotzones
      • Video-on-Demand service as Movies Broadcast and IP TV
      • IP Radio
      • Video Surveillance
      • eGovernment
      • RFID-based control and management facilities

  • Airvenue system is a Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System based on SDMA/TDMA-TDD technologies and designed for telecom carriers who would like to provide high quality wireless broadband internet access service with limited resource of frequency.
    • High Data Rate - System capacity 24.4Mbps downlink/ 7.9 Mbps uplink Data Rate of 1.061Mbps downlink/ 346Kbps uplink
    • High Spectral Efficiency - 3.4 bit/sec/Hz/cell (WIBRO 802.16e: 1.5 bit/sec/Hz/cell)
    • Wide Area Coverage - Up to 12.75km using 1.79 GHz or 1.9 GHz (40% greater than WiMax) Good non-line-of-sight indoor penetration
    • Mobility - Support user in motion at speed greater than 100 km/hour and seamless handover between Base Stations
    • Easy Interface to IP Network - All IP based simple network of Airvenue enables substantial reduction of network investment
    • VoIP Compatibility - QoS is implemented to ensure high quality wireless VoIP telephony

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