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SuperMVNO services offer great value proposition.

They are useful and valuable to the travelers who go abroad and want to stay connected through voice data and text telecommunications even when mobile roaming – but would need/want to be able to do so affordably.

These are reliable, high quality services that are convenient to use. The savings are achieved without requiring the user to compromise in service quality, reliability or convenience.

But the conventional wisdom is that “if something is too good to be true, it probably is”. People are generally skeptical about the proclaimed value proposition.

That is why the SuperMVNO services are best promoted through a network of resellers to their respective customer base who deal with the resellers on a regular basis and who have established a trusting relationship with and respect for the resellers.

SuperMVNO services are entirely offered through Resellers who are known as SuperMVNO.

SuperMVNO Reseller Program has the following outstanding features designed to help the Reseller to sell the services and to provide very attractive rewards for their efforts:

    • Reseller gets to work with large profit margins in the form of discounts of 15% - 30% off the End User Prices that represent great savings of up to 85%. This large profit margin allows for the Reseller to have a level of Sub-Resellers to work beneath the Reseller in a distribution food-chain.
    • Reseller gets to use SuperMVNO webserver accessible on line from a browser to do
      • account provisioning
      • building a level of resellers under their Reseller account
    • account management including assignment of credit to sub-accounts etc.,
    • Private-label production of the websites in the Reseller’s (SuperMVNO’s) own Name, Logo and website address; Reseller has the appearance of an original service provider Note: there is a one-time set-up charge applicable to this feature.
    • Sales and Technical Support

SuperMVNE sales and technical personnel will provide sales and technical support to help you, the SuperMVNO to set up the business and to operate it effectively and efficiently.

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