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What is SuperMVNO?

A program designed, operated by SuperMVNE, a division of Ecocarrier Inc.

SuperMVNO is a name that describes a business entity that offers a suite of managed services to the service subscriber for making low-cost mobile international telephone calls when calling from the subscriber’s home country or when they are abroad. A SuperMVNO is a non-facility based telephone service provider and is differentiated from a conventional MVNO in the following attributes:

A. unlike the conventional MVNO, SuperMVNO’s service for voice data and text telecommunications is not limited to a relationship with specific MNO or in a particular country or geographical territory; it is a multi-country global service

B. SuperMVNO is provided with all the facilities for operational and management control by Ecocarrier as the SuperMVNE in a truly comprehensive managed service mode of operation; the SuperMVNE is an enabler of the services and is responsible for the provision of services in all aspects including carrier relations, soft-switching, call termination, network operation and billing, web servers, web applications that cater to the needs of the SuperMVNO in operation support services for dealing with sub-Resellers, Sales Agents and/or the end users.

C. SuperMVNO needs only be concerned with marketing and selling the managed services for voice data and text (SMS) telecommunications.

( Notes: MVNO is acronym for Mobile Virtual Network Operator which is given the following definition in Wikipedia. A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a company that provides mobile phone service but does not have its own frequency allocation of the radio spectrum, nor does it have all of the infrastructure required to provide mobile telephone service. A company that does have frequency allocation(s) and infrastructure is known simply as a Mobile Network Operator (MNO). MVNOs are roughly equivalent to the "switchless resellers" of the traditional landline telephone market. Switchless resellers buy minutes wholesale from the large long distance companies and retail them to their customers.)

SuperMVNO services are designed to enable the user to have the greatest savings in

  • making and receiving long distance calls from/at a mobile handset of any kind - 2G/3G GSM, CDMA or Smartphones - in any country
  • making and receiving international calls from/at a roaming GSM handset roaming in some 200+ countries
  • mobile roaming data service for connection to the Internet
  • mobile roaming text (SMS) service in the mobile networks of some 560 mobile network operators in 200+ countries
  • data and voice telecommunications through WiFi connections or Personal WiFi Hotzone (PiFiZone) created with PiFi through 3G (HSPA+) roaming mobile data service connection to the Internet without compromising on service quality and reliability and user convenience and experience.

This is achieved by the combined operation of

  • an expansive global roaming agreement
  • intelligent least cost routing for call completion and special apps / software installed at the user’s mobile handset / Smartphone, Tablets and Phablets
  • the support of well-established and good working relationships with wholesale carrier service providers who may be Telcos (telephone companies), MNOs (Mobile Network Operators and other service providers including those that can provide high quality direct-routes call terminations service.

SuperMVNO services consist of 7 major groups of services that the SueprMVNO can resell to Sub-Resellers and then End Users or to End Users directly:

(1) Multiple-IMSI-SIM-based mobile roaming services specially designed for use with any 2G, 3G mobile handset or Smartphone to do voice data and text communications with significant cost savings and

(2) 3G/3.5G Mobile Roaming Broadband On Demand Service provision as WiFi Hotzone service through the use of PiFi and PiFiSIM/PiFiData It offers a mobile roaming user great savings in high-speed data service for connection to the Internet as per use service without contract.

The combination use of PiFiZone and PiFiDialer (a Mobile Dialer App) and PiFiVoice (complete with PiFiDID and PiFiVoiceMail) enables the ultimate lowest-cost way of making an international voice call by IP telephony to anywhere when mobile roaming in any country.
(3) PiFiDialer-based prepaid mobile voice service (PiFiVoice) offers extremely low-cost international voice call service with/from a Smartphone by IP telephony in encrypted and optimized service operation that works in any country (especially GCC).

(4) A Direct Mobile Hotline Service with monthly subscription that caters to diaspora of various ethnicities and nationalities for them to provide a convenient, caring, effective means of connection and communication with their loved-ones and friends in old countries.

The caller can use the service to call to reach the diapora at their Smartphone running PiFiDialer or to leave a voicemail message for them that they (the diaspora) can receive at their email address and listen to wherever they may be as long as their Smartphone is connected to the Internet. Upon getting a voicemail message requiring or requesting a return call, they may make the return call with PiFiDialer by IP telephony (VoIP service) using a service known as PiFiVoice

(5) A Direct Mobile Hotline Service with monthly subscription essentially similar to “Hello, It’s me!” that caters to SME, professionals, consultants etc. (“Service Subscribers”) doing business development or servicing customers in worldwide markets for them to provide a Free Call Hotline Service to their customers/clients in various countries to reach the Service Subscribers at their Smartphone running PiFiDialer when it is mobile roaming anywhere

(6) Cross-border Airtime Credit Recharge (Mobile Top-Up) Service that enables the SuperMVNO to do credit recharge of mobile subscriber accounts of RoamSIM, SafariSIM, PiFiSIM and SIMs issued by some 500+ MNOs of some 100 countries worldwide.

(7) Wholesale Carrier Service with excellent call cost rates for voice data and text communication.

Ecocarrier Wholesale Carrier Service Divisionis a famed provider of wholesale carrier service for voice call termination to all countries, in general but, in particular, is specially positioned and equipped to provide Premium Non-CLI call termination service and 100% White CLI call termination to many destination countries/ dialcodes to major Telcos, MNOs and other wholesale carrier service providers. This attribute sets Ecocarrier in good stead in being able to maintain its ability to always offer to the End Users the most competitive call rates (prices) and the SuperMVNO large profit margins

PiFi Proposition for 3G-WiFi-Router-based data service connection to Internet anywhere in a GSM network; when PiFi is used with PiFiSIM the user gets to enjoy the lowest-cost data service for access to the Internet when mobile roaming; when PiFi+PiFiSIM is used in combination with PiFiDialer, the user gets to enjoy the ultimate lowest cost way of making a voice call while mobile roaming.

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PiFi ™ is an intelligent way to meet your need as a user of a mobile communication device for effective, convenient and low-cost affordable high-speed data service for access to the Internet whenever you need/want to and wherever you may be in a 3G mobile network. International Data Anywhere You Go!

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